Thursday, 10 March 2016

Ident Research - What Makes a Good One?

Before creating my own idents I wanted to look at not only idents for e4 and National Geographic but also what makes a good one in general so I did a little research into them in general.

Things that I have found from looking online are that music is extremely important and the logo isn't actually as important as I originally thought. If the logo is very boring there are still ways that you can make it interesting and in the same way if the logo is really exciting it doesn't help if the rest of the ident is very uninteresting! Successful idents always have music that is somewhat symbolic of the channel, so I am definitely thinking of using the music that is already used on existing idents for both of my animations, this way I know for sure that the music matches the house style of the channel.

Here are a few idents I really liked that have nothing to do with e4 or National Geographic but I felt it was still good research to look at others!

These idents are really creative and a common theme I have found between all of these is that they are really colourful and eye-catching. They also all feature quite surreal imagery that makes them really interesting to watch and I like this aspect of them. I want to look at maybe using After Effects in my own project to achieve a different feel compared to my past animations.

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