Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Cut Out Animation Using After Effects

I was originally going to create my ident by using real-life stop motion cut out animation, however I also wanted to do something that would be time efficient and that I could work on from home. So, I decided that I was going to look at After Effects as the program I want to use to create my E4 ident. I don't have much experience with After Effects, however I am quite used to using key frames in Premiere Pro so I felt that I would be able to get a hang of it easily. I have started looking at online tutorials and ways to create realistic cut out animation digitally, and it seems quite simple and still looks believable. I think that I am going to use construction paper scans that I find online and then use them in Photoshop to cut out all of my different shapes needed. This way it will look like real materials instead of looking completely flat. Below are a few examples of cut out art that I liked and decided to look at for my own inspiration. These examples are extremely detailed, however it inspires me to think about the further possibilities I could create using this method and how complicated they can become with practice!

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