Monday, 14 March 2016

Ben Newman - Character Designer

Ben Newman is a character designer that I recently found on Animation World Network as featured and straight away I wanted to blog about him because I think his work is really cool! He uses  bold shapes and bright colours to form his funky characters and they have been described as 'bauhaus fuzzy felt'. As I researched more in Newman I found that he is heavily into illustration and this is something I have been looking at myself as I feel that even though I am into animation that research into illustration and the way they do things will be really beneficial to my own practice. I really liked Newman's work because it's so simple and playful and I love to use bright colours in my own work so his is very inspiring to look at! I have put some of his work below as an example but as you can see it's really pretty and I want to create some of my own work that is inspired by illustrations such as his. I also really like how his characters aren't just surrounded by a plain background and it's as if they are interacting with their surroundings. Next time I come to presenting my characters I think I will use this idea as it's a lot more fun and you get a much better sense of the kind of character they are.

Juggling RaccoonFroggy On Guitar

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