Monday, 14 March 2016

Disney Does Life Drawing

Disney send all their animators to life drawing classes and have done since 1932 and this really shows as they have some of the best animators. "You can draw animation and gesture without life drawing, but life drawing skills give you proportion, structure, perspective, and a certain vitality through rhythmic gestures," - Karl Gnass. Disney run their sessions for around 2 hours and have the model pose for 5-10 minutes, which may seem quite short for a life drawing class but by doing it this way it allows for more animators to come in and out to catch different models during their short breaks. If you look at early examples of animation they are definitely not as fluid and natural as animations today and I feel that the more animators understand that life drawing is really helpful they better animations will become. Looking at how Disney construct their life drawing classes and interviews from top animators that hold the sessions has taught me that practicing life drawing helps to create more believable characters and instead of approaching animation where you have one great talent, instead approach as an artist.

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