Monday, 14 March 2016

Time to Draw! - The Animator's Survival Kit

So, in the Holy Bible of animation The Animator's Survival Kit it goes over some life drawing in the very beginning and I had read this a while back but remembered and wanted to include it in my blog. This book is very truthful in the way that it explains that life drawing is something that does take practice to be good and at the start you might feel like your skills and practice isn't as strong as you once thought. Richard Williams also explains that you have to do a lot of life drawing for it to even get you anywhere and as I said previously I am planning on doing lots while I still have the time on my hands. Milt Kahl is quoted in this book saying 'know the figure well enough so that you can concentrate on the particular person - on the difference - why this person is different from somebody else'. I really liked this quote because thinking about animation people move in all different kind of ways depending on their shape, size, personality and so on. So, this really points to learning to draw different kinds of people will allow you to make more varied characters. Finally, this book really inspires me because it doesn't just tell you to go an draw from life it explains that it's not easy but working hard at it can make you be a better animator overall. You may see others work to be better than yours but they might not even know the basics sometimes and are just skipping around the important stuff to show their talent. My favourite quote from this section would be 'don't try to develop a style. Ignore style. Just concentrate on drawing and style will occur'. Below are a few images from the book that I liked and particularly the last image.

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