Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Nation Geographic Ident Examples

I want to look at National Geographic for my ident project as I feel like it's a channel that is quite strict with it's image as it wants to give off a professional image unlike my other chosen channel e4. By looking at two contrasting channels I feel with give me a better exploration into the subject as I can be creative but also have to carefully consider each element.

My first example is the zero gravity example and I like this one because it is interesting to watch, which I am finding that a lot of the idents for National Geographic are. In this ident I can see that the running themes are the yellow square, the logo, as well as the grey bland backgrounds which makes the yellow logo stand out even more. The logo also always seems to be in frame before quickly snapping the the centre for a last preview at the end of each ident. This is something I will have to consider as this movement seems to be quite important for the logo to make an impact.

This is another example that I have found which is quite different in comparison to the other idents that are usually filmed in live action. But, looking at this ident, even though it has been created for a certain theme (80s) it's nice to look at in an animation point of view. I like the style that this has been created in and it's something that I would prefer to create in my own ident. Even though it's completely different to the previous example I looked at the logo does still make the same movement where it snaps to the middle. Finally, the main thing I liked about this ident was that it flows really well through each transition and this could be something I could use as well.

Finally, I found this video on YouTube that actually has multiple idents included in one video and this was useful to look at as I was able to look at many back to back. Looking at the idents in this way allowed me to identify a few themes between them and I found that they all use the same soundtrack, all feature very bright and clean colours such as white and yellow and they all feature a cleaver way to recreate the logo. From this, I could take that instead of just coming up with the logo on screen I could instead use the camera tricks and use elements added together to create the logo. 

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