Friday, 4 March 2016

Environmental Storytelling - Leeds Nelson Mandela Garden

I wasn't planning on using this location as one of my chosen places to draw, but as I was passing by I couldn't help but think it was a really lovely place. So, the Nelson Mandela Garden was my next location I chose and below are all of my drawings from it! some of my drawings I have added in some watercolour to them afterwards just to give them a bit more life.

This drawing above I really didn't like as I got the perspectives all wrong but as I continued to do more drawings my eye for perspective actually starts to get a little better as I am starting to understanding how it works. This was my very first drawing of this location so I decided to do more than I had done for my previous location to make up for this terrible drawing, however I still thought to include it to show my progress!

By the end of drawing this location you can see that I'm starting to actually get it now and I much prefer these drawings in comparison to my drawings of Leeds Civic Hall, just because they were more detailed and challenging for me. The main thing I struggled to get my head around, apart from perspective, was the different layers to an environment. I found it hard to be able to record the background, middle ground and foreground all at the same time with it looking to squished or throwing out the proportions. However, I still feel like these drawings are improving by each new location! Below are the photographs I took on location and I was really lucky to actually get a really nice day to draw this location.

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