Monday, 14 March 2016

Examples of Life Drawing and Animation

I thought it would be a good idea if I looked at relative examples of life drawing used for animation and where this is present. It was quite hard to find examples of this, probably because artists don't like to put out their work if it's just doodles and developmental work. 

I liked this example as it shows how you can use real life people to form your characters if you think they fit the role perfectly. Here you can see how Disney animators took a young girl and created the character of Alice from her. Below I have put more examples of how they have created action poses by making the model pose in different ways and simply drawing on top of the image to get a sense of how she moves and how her hair falls. Even though they have altered things like her waist size and overall proportions this is to still keep the aspect of it being an animation and not just a realistic animation of a girl.

Disney are mentioned a lot in my blog posts but that's only because they have so many good examples, so my next one is Disney again but instead it's looking at life drawing animals. Disney Studios also bring in the animals that they want the animators to draw up and get them to draw from life and this is so fun to look at because they go from drawing dogs to lions.

As you can see the photos I collected are all form the very early days of Disney and this just proves that to become a great animator you have to learn to draw from life and be able to observe everything around you whether it be human or animal.

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