Sunday, 13 March 2016

Sketchbooks for Animation

I looked at 'Animation Sketchbooks' by Laura Heit and I found this book really interesting to look at just because sketchbooks are very personal and not everyone is willing to put theirs out there. So, in this book is showed lots of different examples of sketchbooks and gave me quite a lot of inspiration. Keeping a sketchbook is something I do, however I'm not very good at keeping it with me and always adding to it. Instead I usually forget about it and take photographs instead, but I feel like if I were to get more into carrying mine around it would be much more beneficial to develop my skills.

The image above I liked because they make use of mixed media and sometimes I feel that sketchbooks can be quite plain and boring with all pen or pencil work so possibly using mixed media in my own sketchbook will help bring it more to life. Here they have used a photograph and illustrated over it and I really like this idea.

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