Wednesday, 2 March 2016

E4 Previous Examples

As part of my research into idents I'm looking at the past examples in order for me to get a feel of what the channels are about and what works together to make a good ident.

This is one that I particularly liked because it's a stop motion animation that has so much going on it's hard to keep track of everything. The main themes I noticed in this example were themes of summer, heavy use of purple, old-school TVs, use of the logo and lots of bright colours.

Here is another example that I looked at and straight away I notice that they have used a little yellow teddy bear in both of these idents which could be a running theme. I liked this one because it has a very urban theme but then clashes this empty and bland environment with pieces of furniture coming in and appliances found in a common household. This gives me the idea that e4 always like to include little snippets of technology into their idents even if it is a microwave. The final thing I really liked about this ident was their use of characters much like the little teddy bear, they also bring in little dancing gnomes at the end and I think this would be a good thing to consider for my own ident.

I wanted to also look at an example that wasn't stop motion animation and I liked this example because it was really simple but still effective! I liked the use of colour in this ident as well as the fact that they took the old Channel 4 logo and warped it in the e4 logo which straight away allows the audience to see that these two channel are in relation to one another. This ident has in common with the other two the use again of really bright and happy colours while always including the colour purple.

As a final example, I wanted to put this one in because it shows how with e4 there isn't many boundaries and in this ident there is a shot of a many drawing some boobs and is pt in for comedic purpose. Even though there is always the themes of crazy bright colours and little cute characters, there really isn't a strict way that these idents are laid out and this is one of the reasons I am going to pick this channel to make an ident for.

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