Friday, 11 March 2016

Inspirations for Idents!

I wanted to look at a few more idents just to get my ideas flowing so I have been looking at Vimeo instead of Youtube because after looking at a lot of the Youtube idents I feel a lot of them are very amateurish or they are in terrible quality and this makes it hard for me to take inspiration from them.

E4 Idents from Jackson Floyd Gair on Vimeo.

I liked this one because it really focuses on the quick and twitchy kind of movements that e4 is quite known for and I want to replicate these kind of movements in my own ident. I also like the use of stop motion and food here it relates quite well the target audience who are known to be consumers of things like takeaway.

National Geographic Ident from Anthony Palcic II on Vimeo.

This is another ident I have found that I really found quite inspiring as it is very flowing and this is something I ant to achieve in my own animation! I like how the use of bold colours and flowing in and out of each other and I really like the very end of this ident where the logo slides to the side to reveal the 'National Geogrpahic Channel'. I really want to achieve something similar in my own work so I will keep this video in mind when coming to create my own, I am thinking of achieving this in After Effects.

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