Thursday, 17 March 2016

Composition in Animation

Composition is something that is important in any kind of art form and it's also something that can really effect the way that someone views your work so I wanted to look more into composition so that I could consider it more in my own work. I looked at a book called Layout and Composition for Animation by Ed Ghertner, which I found quite helpful as it's more specified than looking at a book that just explores composition as a whole. What I also really liked about this book was how illustrative it was and the examples shown were really helpful and easy to understand. Ghertner explains that using multiple horizons and vanishing points creates a more dynamic composition and a more interesting story and this is something I have been trying to consider more as sometime I create shots in storyboards that could be more interesting than they are. I also found from this book that if you are just starting out it's actually more useful for you to use a perspective grid as it allows you to position things exactly right. Below I have put a few screenshots of the books of pages I thought were quite interesting and helpful.

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