Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Nelson Mandela Garden Digital Draw Up

For my last location this is my last digital draw up and I had quite a lot of fun with taking my drawings and making them digital and I feel like it's good practice if I wanted to use a real location in my animations. I feel that it's a good idea for the future to draw locations if I feel that I really like them, in the summer for example, and this will allow me to have inspiration for backgrounds in future projects. I really want to get into drawing digital backgrounds that almost look like they have been painted as I really like this style but I'm just starting off simple. So, for this location I liked it because of the really bright colours and the water, which is hard to replicate digitally  but I think the more I practice drawing things like water which I am not used to the more I will improve my practice. I think this was quite successful as a drawing though and below I have put the images I used as reference and my final drawing!

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