Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Birth of Sequential Art!

The very first sign of sequential images to tell a story was the Hieroglyphics found in Egypt and I wanted to have a look at the origin because I thought it would be interesting to discuss! When looking at Hieroglyphics I can see that they use panelling here to frame each scene, and this is clear that they are definitely telling a story like the image below. The Egyptians used images to tell their stories as they found that it was much easier for people to understand this way, however because of the future events after they were created lots of the true meanings behind the images were lost and forgotten. What I also notice in the hieroglyphics is that they do include the alphabet around the images much like in comics where they have speech bubbles or parts of the frame are outlined for pieces of text.

I really like looking at things like this because it inspires me to see that using images to tell stories is something that is ingrained in us and a natural way to express ourselves. Below I have put some pop culture hieroglyphics that I thought were quite fun so I wanted to include them!

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