Sunday, 13 March 2016

Jake the Dog Character Development!

Jake the Dog is a really fun and wacky character so I wanted to look at initial sketches of his character just out of interest and I found some really fun images. As his character is a shape shifter there can be many, many versions of him so below I have put a few sketches done by Pendleton Ward himself!

I liked this one as Jake is drawn to be very big however his arms and feet have also gone quite bigger which is different in comparison to how he is shaped in the series even when he is large in size.
How to Draw Adventure Time | Scribd:

I have also managed to find some cool design sheets that help the animators stay on track when animating Jake the Dog. These are really great to look at as they are little aspects of Jake's character that can sometimes easily be forgotten or missed out but by having these sheets it allows for good continuity and less errors in your animations. This obviously works best when you have a team of animators that are all trying to produce the same scene and character.

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