Thursday, 10 March 2016

Final Storyboard - Shoe Project!

For my final storyboard I'm quite happy with it and I was able to get a good narrative out of my images, I decided to go for a narrative where the cowboy has a face off with his boots and I wanted to make it quite comedic. I tried to use as many shot types as I could, however I wanted it to be short and simple while still being easily understandable. What I have learnt from research is that storyboards need to be as clear as possible and this was something I kept in mind. I didn't take pictures of my storyboard before cutting it up for my portfolio so I will put images below but they aren't as nice looking as a full storyboard. I have asked a few people to look over my storyboard and everyone understood when looking at it so I feel like it is successful in this way. I have also put below an image of my rough storyboard before I took it into the official draw up and even though I cut out a few shots, doing this helped it become more developed. I really quite enjoy creating storyboards so this was quite a fun end to this project!

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