Thursday, 3 March 2016

E4 Ident Ideas! Production Diary - 3/3/2016

For my ident animation for E4, I really want it to be something that is going to appeal to my target audience and if it's not effective in this way then it will just be boring! Below I've put a little spider diagram of the kind of ideas that I've been having and where I'm thinking of going with this animation. The main thing I think that is important is the fact that E4's audience are young and are into pop culture and I want to look into pop culture to see what is popular and entertaining to young audiences. I have found that the internet is bursting with funny videos at the moment as they are all I ever see posted on Facebook, this is something I am going to explore further as I feel like using inspiration from a viral video may appeal to young audiences and they will recognise and be able to relate to the animation more. So far I'm just throwing ideas around but the main thing I noticed when looking at past examples of E4 idents was that they like to include little animals so I feel like having an animal as my main character would be a good choice! I can't wait to look into all the funny videos flying around and I think I'm mainly going to focus on funny animal videos.

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