Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Sketches on Location

When going to my locations for environmental storytelling I did little sketches here and there of small details for practice and so that I could get a better feel for the places. I liked to draw the little details much better than a big collective drawing as I was able to capture more detail instead of focusing a lot on the perspective. I found it very useful when looking back through my sketches to look at these thumbnails as they told my things that my initial drawings might have missed. So, from this I have learnt that it's good if I am recording a place to do little sketches for better reference and in the future if I do this kind of thing again I think I will record even more thumbnails. I didn't record as many as I would have liked but at the time I didn't realise how important and useful they were. So, below are some of the little sketches I have pulled from my sketchbook, and even though they are quite rough I was still able to capture quite a lot of little details.

This is of the ceiling in the art gallery cafe and it was covered in hexagons so I have documented that clearly here.

This is a little drawing from the Nelson Mandela garden and even though I didn't capture the flowers in my larger drawings it was nice to have this little detail of what the flowers looked like at the time.

This was a detail found on one of the walls of the Leeds Art Gallery Cafe and by recording things like this it allows me to put more detail in later if I wish. For example, if I were to draw the location again for animation purposes I could include this on one of the walls even without it being on that specific wall in real life.

Finally, this last sketch I'm going to show is of a little door at the side of Leeds Civic Hall and I just liked the look of it. Again in animation I could use this door in my narrative even if I were to use a different environment.

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