Friday, 11 March 2016

Environmental Storytelling - Leeds Art Gallery Cafe

My final location! The Leeds Art Gallery Cafe. I wanted to draw this location as I have come here a few times passing through and I think this is a really beautiful building as a whole. I found this location quite hard to illustrate because of it's complicated wall designs and some I have been a little simpler than other drawings just because it was very time consuming to draw each individual tile and I feel like using the watercolour still captured the tiling on the walls without every little detail. Below are my drawing of this location!

I wanted to experiment a little with charcoal here so I decided to do one of my drawings like this but I turned out to not really like this one I think it looks a little dull. On the other hand, it was a good to try with this material to see how locations looked and if it was a good choice to do charcoal drawings to record locations quickly.

So, this was my last location and I think it was quite successful! I have definitely improved my perspectives when looking at my first location drawings and I really liked to use watercolour in this project. Although, I do think the more detailed drawings I have done in pen and pencil here are quite useful for the animation aspect where the little details would be important to know for the scene. I am happy this project is over because it was hard work drawing environments! Below are the images I took on location.

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