Sunday, 25 October 2015


I decided to have a look at some pixilations for inspiration and this was one that I particularly found interesting as it was a different style to most. I decided not to go for this style due to the time period of a week before the deadline, although this would be something that would be really fun to make possibly in the future. What I like about this pixilation is the fact that they use the medium really well so that they create different scenes without ever moving the actual location and this is really nicely done with the use of props. I feel like the other thing that really makes this pixialtion work is the use of things such as consideration of weight and timing used to create gravity and depth to it. Without these things the animation would not have worked as well and this is something I need to consider when I come to my own animations, so looking at things like this I feel expands my understanding as I am able to pick out and see what works well.

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