Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Father and Daughter - Dutch Short Film (2000)

Here is another short film I have come across and I really liked this one much like the other short film I analaysed as they both have no dialogue involved but still manage to create lots of emotion. This animation follows the story of a father and daughter, and he committed suicide without her knowing and she goes back to see if he will return for the rest of her life before eventually meeting him in the afterlife. I feel that this animation is trying to send the message that suicide happens even to the people we thought we knew best and I feel that it could be reaching out to a lot of different audiences rather than just one. It doesn't have too much detail and development on the characters involved, which leaves it open to audiences relating themselves to the characters. As it is a Dutch animation it would slightly differ from animations that were made by places like USA as it is not as direct and lets the meaning fall up to the audience instead of making it very clear. This animation is successful as it really pulls the heart strings with it's use of symbolism, simplicity and soundtrack, all contributing to the overall atmosphere of the short film.

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