Monday, 26 October 2015

Designed by Apple - Intention (2013)

This is quite a different kind of advert in comparison to most of Apple's advertising as it's completely animated and features none of their products directly. I feel they were trying to target an audience that were looking to be inspired and sending the message that as a company they go through many processes that include getting shut down and trying again and again. As Apple is an American company the advert is in English, but there is no commentary to go along with it just simple instrumental music that is uplifting in itself. I liked this fact as it didn't pin point any particular audience such as male or female it was very simple and dynamic to whomever would come across it. I think this animation is quite effective and successful in the way that it is so very simple but still puts across a strong message. As the animation is constantly moving and changing it also successfully keeps the attention of the audience which is vital within an advertisement.

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