Sunday, 25 October 2015

Exaggeration - Principle 10

This principle is not just about making something be bigger or faster and it's not about making something more distorted, it's about making something more convincing. Exaggeration can also be about subtle characterisation of expressions, poses and facial features. Most of the time exaggeration is used to make an animation seem more interesting and to make the idea of the action seem more apparent, so when an action is quick the exaggeration has to be more extreme in order for it to be noticed. I have put a great example below of how you can take the simple action of eating chocolate and completely exaggerate it to make it seem much more interesting. There's another example below of an animation created by Chuck Jones who is very original in the way he uses exaggeration, instead of always going for the massive exaggeration, which he still uses, he also uses very little exaggeration that is still really effective. I liked this example as the frog makes little to no facial expression yet you can still understand his emotions with the way his body is drooped.                                

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