Sunday, 18 October 2015

Staging - Principle 3

Staging, the presentation of an idea so that the audience has a clear understanding which should also communicate a character's mood, attitude or emotional state within a story. With the right staging you can manipulate where the audience will be looking through shot framing, making your message much clearer. As this is a very vague principle it pretty much applies to everything as it could be relative to acting, timing, camera angle/position and the mise-en-scene but nevertheless it's very important in order for your ideas to be clear. Finally, the main tip for this principle is to always present one idea at once, otherwise you might confuse your audience and they might not understand what's going on or where they're meant to be looking. With multiple things going on within a frame your main character might be upstaged and this is not what you want.
I liked this example as it shows you a clear layout of the reasoning behind the staging that has been used. 

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