Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Follow Through & Overlapping Action - Principle 5

Both of these actions are slightly different yet they work together to make animations seem more realistic and follow the ways in which the real world moves. They are actions that happen when the main body has stopped moving and body parts or appendages continue moving in the forward direction. Follow through is when the parts move even after the main body has stopped and overlapping action is the way different parts of the body move during an action at different rates. In the example I have chosen to use below you can see that the tail is dragging behind the dog and when he comes to a stop, it takes a split second for the tail to catch up, so it continues in the forward direction before returning to normal, and so on with the ears. When looking at squash and stretch it was a good tip to remember the amount of it you apply suggests the object's mass or material and this again applies for this principle. The lighter the object, the smaller drag it will and the quicker it will come to a stop and vice versa.

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