Monday, 26 October 2015

OREO Canada Wonderfilled Anthem (Full TV Commercial)

In Canada this is one of their Oreo advertisements that shows on TV, which we have a similar version in the UK. I think it's purpose is to not only advertise Oreos but also to make out the idea that if you eat Oreos you will be happier as it uses the example of the big bag wolf and that it changed him (a story known by everyone). The animation is very colourful and quite fun and keeps expanding on the word 'wonder' to give the audience the message that Oreos are wonderful subconsciously. I feel like the way it's animated is very flow-like and this relates to the idea of milk and the way it flows as a liquid, this is an effective way to make the animation relative to the idea that is being put across. I also feel like they are trying to target as many audiences as possible with this advertisement as toward the end it repeats 'I wonder if I gave an Oreo' while showing lots of different hands in all shapes and sizes, suggesting it is literally for everyone in the world not just one type of person. As it is a Canadian TV advert, I feel like they're made it very happy and bright which may relate to the stereotypical view of Canadians which is that they are happy people, but this is only an observation. I think it's a really effective advert not only because the animation is so smooth and flowing but because it uses a very catchy theme song, which after being repeated on TV a few times to audiences will soon start to stick in their mind.

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