Sunday, 25 October 2015

Solid Drawing - Principle 11

Solid drawing really is just the basic principles that surround drawing, this could be form, weight and volume and this is something you could have naturally picked up along the way but are still vital in animation to make sure your drawings are realistic. What is important to remember is to keep the illusion of a three dimensional space in your drawings, so that nothing appears flat. It helps to always use 3D objects such as spheres, cubes, cylinders that help to create dimension instead of using circles, squares ect. Also, using parallel lines can be a downfall that you may come across and it will look more realisitic and dynamic to use curved and straight lines together as straight lines together just look flat. The example below shows how you can use 3D shapes and create a character from them, I liked this example as the notes are very helpful and it has lots of different examples are stripped right down to the very basic to show you exactly how important it is to use different  3D shapes instead of using flat ones.

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