Wednesday, 7 October 2015

South Park Storyboards

I decided to look at a TV animation and the storyboards behind them and what better one to look at than South Park, where there are many established characters. When looking at the storyboards they're quite different in the fact that under the illustrations there are multiple boxes for dialogue, action/EFX, transitions, location/time, ect. which all help to make the storyboards very detailed. Some of the pages however have little to no writing on and there's only a visual representation of what is happening, whereas some have lots of annotation on. The illustrations are very minimal and  flat but I think this is a design choice as they use cutout animation for the final cut. What I like about these storyboards is that even though they are simple they still convey what message the storyboard artists are trying to send; mainly comedy. I also like the expressions used in the drawings of the characters as you can really understand the emotions they are feeling, even though they just have a pair of eyes and a nose. These storyboards made me realise that even though some people do like to go for the really detailed images and lots of writing and annotations to get what they desire, it doesn't always make it right. South Park is a massive success yet they have the most simple of storyboards that still work and this is something I need to consider instead of stressing about tiny details that can always be added later on in production and only need to be noted.

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