Friday, 9 October 2015

John Nevarez - Storyboard Artist

I wanted to look at a professional storyboard artist as part of my research so I found John Nevarez, a previous employee of Pixar, who I really liked the work of. I particularly lim the way he captures the emotion of the characters in a quirky fun way and this is probably the reason he worked at Pixar. When looking at his piece 'Partysaurus Rex' it made me laugh and I couldn't stop looking at every frame til then end, which is a really god point as even though it was only a storyboard it still keeps you interested. I also like how some of the panels are very loosely drawn, whereas some include lots of detail such as the ones including water. Even though the narrative was very simple it was still made to be dramatic and managed to create different characters with the different items that would be found in a bathroom. This is another example of a digitally drawn storyboard and I feel that to progress I can be inspired by this and other storyboards that I've looked at to practice drawing digitally as it seems to be a good skill to learn and develop.

-Credit to John Nevarez for images below-

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