Thursday, 29 October 2015

Hyrule Warriors - Opening Cutscene (Japanese Wii U)

I decided to look at one of the cut scenes for a Japanese game to see how they differ and I have found that in this example there is no voice acting only script coming up along with the animation. This is quite different to the Fable cut scene I looked at which has voices and a narrator all the way through and I think this might be because of the different cultures. Japanese may not mind that there is no voice acting whereas an English or American audience would much prefer this. I really like the character's design in this animation as they were well developed and it was clear who were the main characters throughout. The message that was being communicated wasn't too clear to me as I cannot read Japanese, although I feel that it would be clear to Zelda fans even if they didn't read the script, of course they could just change it to English. I feel that sometimes without voice acting the scenes feel less realistic and it's very clear to you that you are playing a game, which I personally dislike. This animation is clearly the starting point of the game and is reaching out to players to distinguish a main storyline that will be followed during the game.

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