Monday, 26 October 2015

The House of Small Cubes (La Maison en Petits Cubes) - Japanese Short Film Animation (2008)

This is a short film I came across produced by a company called Robot Communications, animated by Maya Asakura and Yoshie Fujiwara. This is a Japanese animation yet it has been made so that it gives a  French dreamlike vibe and it would be difficult to guess it was created by a team of Japanese animators. I really like the diegetic sounds used in this animation even though there is no dialogue when the man is sitting down for dinner you can hear a variety of the waves crashing outside, the seagulls squawking ect. There's also really nice instrumentals used with a piano and this also adds to the atmosphere, especially in the scene of his child being only baby where the notes become angelic sounding. The meaning behind this animation is  that people's lives do just fade away and faces a subject that we will all eventually have to face in life. The audience for this film I feel is of all ages as it attracts younger audiences with the children's-story-book effect and especially those who are older and do go through the phases of looking back on their lives. Even though this animation may be quite cultural with the way it suggest French themes, I still feel like it represents what every human being goes through and that is why I think its so heart-wrenching and successful as it won an Oscar for Best Short Film.

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