Monday, 26 October 2015

The Girl Effect - The Clock is Ticking (Infographic)

This is an infographic I have found on the internet that I really liked because it actually had a meaningful message behind it and used different techniques to make itself stand out. I feel like the use of a infographic here is a great method instead of any other type of animation as you can pack lots of information in without it becoming boring. The subject it explores is something that a lot of people might turn off to when they hear about it but by using an infographic it forces the audience to keep watching in order to find our what is happening next. I also feel that the audience is those who are living comfortably in the western world and don't quite understand the struggles that young girls are facing in other countries because they don't see or experience it themselves. The animation itself is trying to communicate that these girls do need help and without it could effect you indirectly as the virus HIV would be more likely to spread across countries (76 at that!). I liked this inforgraphic as it was really simple but still managed to get quite a long and informative message across without making it too crammed and overwhelming.

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