Sunday, 4 October 2015

Study Task - Pendulum Swing

This was my pendulum from the Pose to Pose task we were set and I liked this task as it was the first time I had done a line test. What I found with my pendulum was that it could have done with a bit more cushioning at each end to make it flow a bit better, but what I can take from this is a better understanding of timing and how much it can effect an animation. I feel that I did consider less frames in the middle for faster action and more frames at either end for slower action, however I feel that I could have exaggerated this more to get a better effect. Timing is something that takes practice and considering this is my first time trying to practice it, it isn't too bad. Overall, I felt the hardest part of this exercise was the consistency of the ball and keeping it's volume the same, but I feel like this is another skill that will just take a lot of practice in order to improve. 

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