Friday, 23 October 2015

Planning for Pixilation Project

I was given a new project where I had to create my own pixilation and to start I decided to think of a few ideas before I went into more detailed planning. My first idea was to had a bed have a mind of it's own and trap whoever lies in it but I felt like there was problems with this idea. Not only did I think it was quite a plain idea without much creative flair but also I couldn't find an ending with it where the story develops. So, I tried to think of another idea and came up with the idea for human verses parasite where someone would be infested by colourful spots. This then went on to be quite crazy and colourful and I wanted to also add paint into the animation. Spots was the idea I went for in the end and I'm glad I did as I feel like this idea was much more creative and fun. Firstly, I created a few sketches before going on to create a full storyboard, which I covered in spots for a bit of fun. This idea went really well, however I did face some creative changes as I was filming it, such as changing the way the paint was on the face and the way the spots moved in each shot.

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