Thursday, 29 October 2015

Fable III - Opening Animation

This opening cut-scene for the video game Fable III is one of my favourites and it's purpose is to start to establish the kind of world the game is set in as well as start to excite the player as it questions at the end 'who will lead the revolution?'. The whole animation is a kind of metaphor, the hero being you who will make a leap of faith like the chicken does in the cut scene. This is a video game created by an English company Lionhead and I feel this is very obvious in the way the game is set along with the characters involved, even the narrator is English, which differs from other types of games as most popular ones are made in America as it has a completely different aesthetic. I feel this is because Fable is clearly set in old style England and they have exaggerated and used this to the full in the game, unlike American games where they are never really set in this kind of environment. I really like the whole idea behind this cut scene and the message of the chicken being the hero, although he comes to a bad end.

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