Thursday, 1 October 2015

Flipbook Comparison

Looking at the preview of my flipbook I can pick out some things that could have been tweaked to make it better. I feel that the ball is not consistent in volume, which is something that is very important in animation to ensure that it is smooth and looks 'realistic'. I have tried to show squash and stretch, but I feel to improve I need to practice this principle a bit more. I have also left the ball fixed in the air for too long in this little animation and again the only way to improve this in the future is to practice and practice again!

I decided to look at a flip book that is successful and I found this one online, I liked it because it showed different principles and worked really well considering it had different scenes involved in it. I only created a very simple flip book but I feel it might be good if I try some other ways of using flip books and actually create a small animation of my own. I can't really compare my flip book to this one because it is so complex but I think it's good to look at good examples of flip books to give myself inspiration if I go to try this method in the future.

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