Thursday, 29 October 2015

The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained - Infographic

Here I found an infographic that is extremely controversial and seems to be very bias in the things it says and suggests. I feel that it's purpose was probably to cause controversy as it puts down huge countries such as America, Australia and the UK and calls the residents xenophobic, quite a heavy assumption. This infographic was made to educate others, but I feel it has been very subjective instead of objective; unbias infgraphics are more successful in my opinion. The media used is very colourful and quite happy looking considering the topic it explores, possibly because it is trying to communicate a light-hearted approach. It is clearly reaching out the the western world as it encourages people to donate, yet it discriminates against these countries and makes the audiences feel guilt, which I'm not sure if this was a technique used on purpose. I find it quite odd how the narrator is English yet says bad things about the UK, but this is again to possibly cause controversy. Overall, I didn't really like this animation, even though it looks good aesthetically, I felt like it was quite bias and pointed the finger at a lot of places and that felt quite unprofessional.

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