Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Other Side, Production Diary - (24/11/15)

My Interim Critique was today and I had set up a presentation and animatic to gain feedback from, it went well and I received positive feedback! The feedback I recieved was that I have a good story and the timing in my animatic worked really well, this was the main thing I was concerned about. I also got feedback that my developmental work was well documented and that it's clear that my ideas have developed over time. I am going to take away from this feeedback to really keep doing what I'm doing and to make sure that I really stick to my plans and avoid straying off so that my project is successful. I also made lots of progress today with my final animation. After recieving the feedback I went straight on and started my animation, I was able to finish all my background to animate on top of as well as start to animate my first scene. I managed to get 2 seconds done but not fully coloured up yet, I'm going to leave that til the end!

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