Tuesday, 3 November 2015


As I looked at a claymation that was American and quite gory, I decided to look at a Japanese one to compare the two. In this animation it uses gore but then makes it comedic and I have found that the Japanese claymation includes a lot more gore than say the American one; like I predicted. I like this animation more than the other because it has a better narrative to it, as well as the characters having more character even though they don't have any introduction like the other. I found that this one reaches a larger demographic, still older, as it doesn't have a soundtrack that could influence the audience's views and it's also in English and Japanese so can be understood by a lot of people. This animation is successful as it is funny, which makes it more memorable and makes people want to see more like this. I also like the fact that it's not too long and manages to keep your attention without getting too complicated. The medium used is great again because anything goes with clay so unrealistic things can be made to look relatively realistic without grossing someone out too much, like pulling someone's guts out. Overall, I feel like this claymation is much more successful in the way that it has a better narrative with humour instead of being a dramatic horror scene in a typical setting.

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