Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Love Automatic - NIGHTMARE [official video (18+)]

This was a claymation that was created as a music video, which I came across when looking at a few different claymations on YouTube. I really liked this video as the use of clay really helps create every effect successfully within the video, if they used any other medium it might not have worked as well as they were able to create melting bodies ect. I feel like there isn't a message behind this video, but instead it's something different to attract audiences to watch the video even if they didn't know the song, therefore making it more well-known. The demographic for this video is clearly an older audience as it has gore in it, but it might have also been considered that the video had to be aimed at the same audience the music would have been so they would work together effectively. I think this is an American made video, which is clear from the horror clich├ęs that are used and often found in American horror films. This might differ if a Japanese company produced this video as comparing their horror genres there is a lot of differences to be found. As the band are also American it would have made more sense for American animators to create this.

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