Sunday, 29 November 2015

Famous Shoes

I decided to look at some famous examples of shoes in order to inspire myself into what I want to create with my 24 drawings. I need to consider; types, styles, classifications, shapes, similarities and differences in shoes. 

Before I look at famous shoes, I'm also considering how many types of shoe there are and there's quite a lot!
 Forest Gump's Trainers
 Dorothy's Red Slippers
 Cinderella's Glass Slippers
 Marty McFly's Self-tying Trainers

By looking at these famous shoes I've started to think of different ideas that I could maybe do in the long run when having to create a narrative! All of these shoes have a story behind them and I feel like I could either go down the route of having a person attached to the shoes, or have them be their own being. I like the idea of shoes having a mind of their own and the Marty McFly's example would be great for this and could possibly be evil shoes.

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