Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The Other Side, Production Diary - (10/11/15)

I did some character research today and I decided to go with a different idea than I had originally come up with. This was because I wanted to create a narrative that was simple yet had some humour to it originally and if I would have gone with the idea of having a little cow jumping over a fence it was a little too simple and didn't have enough narrative. Instead, I have decided to go with a story of a lumberjack going through a forest and he sees a beautiful white tree, which he then goes to chop down. Into his first chop a the tree his axe gets stuck and this wakes up the magical tree spirit that he's trying to chop down. Her reaction is that she decided to turn the man into a frog and he jumps out of a pile of clothes. I am also thinking of adding a small Easter egg into the animation where I could possibly put a crest on the lumberjack's clothing to hint him being of royalty, possibly a prince?

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