Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Animatics in Animation

Animatics are basically a moving storyboard and I decided to look into the history of them and why they are used in order to inspire me and so that I have a better understanding of them. So, when they were first introduced, animators would actually just videotape the drawings but now it has become a lot more digital and we can used editing software in order to create a more precise animatic and include a soundtrack. I found a couple of animatics that I liked and have put down below and by looking at existing animatics it helps to inspire my own. Animatics are really useful as they allow animators to see what works and what doesn't before going in and spending lots and lots of time animating these scenes. I feel that they save a lot of time and a quick way of almost seeing how to animation will look in the end without it actually being any way near finished. Without using an animatic the animations could possibly not work as well and also they allow for feedback before the animation has gone into the production stage.

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