Monday, 23 November 2015

Inspiration for The Other Side

As part of my inspirations I looked at different cartoons that I liked and looked at how their layouts were to inspire my project. First I look at Looney Tunes and I really loved how they used simple and bold characters that would be easier to animate alongside soft, subtle backgrounds. This gave me the idea of putting a lot of time in to the backgrounds in my animation to make them look appealing and I felt that by doing this I would be able to make my animation look more appealing and interesting to look at. Below you can see how Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig really stand out against the background, which uses pastel and light colours in order to not take too much of the audience's attention. I am also interested in using light colours in my backgrounds so that I can create much the same effect.

Next I looked at other animations which used the same technique and I found that this was a common technique that is used! Below I have put a few examples of other cartoons and animations that use beautiful backgrounds behind their animations to bring it all to life. Without these backgrounds I feel that the animations would look either boring or out of place and wouldn't really establish the narrative that the animators are trying to get across, so the backgrounds are really an important aspect.

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