Friday, 20 November 2015

The Other Side, Production Diary - (20/11/15)

Today, I have learnt about the history behind animation and how animation has evolved over the years which was early interesting. We went through the Silent Era to the Golden Age and I am going to continue my research into the Silver Era of animation so I get an even better understanding of the history. My favourite part of the history was looking at the Golden Age as I prefer the animations that have sound and are more interactive, although it was still interesting to look at the older forms of animation and the ways they figured out how to make images move; such as tying a piece of card between two pieces of string. My goals now for the rest of the day is to get a bit more development done and I plan to digitally draw up some of the backgrounds on Photoshop for my animation to see if I want to do it digitally or paint them and scan them in to animate over the top. Finally, I am going to work on looking into audio style as this is something I am yet to consider for my animation.

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