Sunday, 29 November 2015

My Animatic for The Other Side

This is my animatic that I created in order to plan out my final animation and get the timing of the shots right so that I didn't waste any time when coming to animating. I found that this method was much more easier than doing a storyboard as it really allowed for seeing what the final animation would feel and look like without even starting on it yet. Looking at my animatic I feel that the timing goes well with the amount of shots I put in, originally I had put in more but after decided that it didn't need to be so complicated. I put in a few sounds to make the animatic more interactive, however I feel that some of them are going to change quite a lot in my final animation, such as the noise of the lumberjack trying to pull out his axe. I am now ready to animate and I'm going to make sure that I keep on referring to my animatic to ensure I don't waste time by drawing extra seconds here and there that I do not need!

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