Saturday, 5 November 2016

D&AD New Blood Awards 2017 - Fur For Animals

Brief set by: Respect for Animals Educational Trust
Deadline: 22nd March 2017 @5PM
Good Example: 'Dumb Animals' by David Bailey (helped 'Socially, politically and creatively')
Challenge: Create a piece or series of pieces of online content (that can be shared on social media)
Audience: People who have bought or are wanting to buy fur.
  • You need something cheap
  • easily shareable online
  • leave an impact on the audience
  • encourage them to take action
  • make it relevant
  • shaming, shocking or educating
  • don't be too offensive
  • don't alienate
  • create something people want to watch


Idea I've had:

I've been thinking about ideas and this brief is quite difficult as it is such a sensitive subject, so I have come up with an idea of a zoo that's full of mannequins in cages and exclosures with fur coats on. This could be different animals like tiger coats, leopards and cheetahs and instead of them being there it's only their skin. As I don't actually have to create a full animation for this I'm thinking about doing lots of concept pieces of different shots or coming up with an animatic. 

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