Sunday, 27 November 2016

Production Diary 8 - Adrift - (21/11/16 - 27/11/16)

I have spent most of this week actually going through my scenes tweaking and improving them so I can get a better outcome for my final animation. The final scene that I was struggling with last week, I decided to green screen it, which worked so much better! It was quite hard to plan out the rotation of my character, so I used a tracing paper attached to a green piece of card that I planned out each movement on.

I then took the green screened scene into After Effects and used a scan of my background to piece it together, now the animation look so much smoother! As this method worked so well I actually decided to redo another one of my scenes where he jumps out the ship, and I had the idea of making him come towards the screen instead of up then down that didn't really work as there's no gravity in space. After looking at lots of reference videos of astronauts coming out of airlocks, they all just seemed to float straight out so I really wanted this effect.





I also decided to float away the spaceship to make it all look more realistic. I had never really used a greenscreen in this way before so I feel like it was a really good learning experience for me and now I can use one effectively in animating.

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