Friday, 11 November 2016


Learning DUIK for me was actually quite easy and it clicked in my head really well, below I created my little fish character that I rigged quite quickly. I made him human shaped so that it would be a simpler rig and it went quite well, however the only thing I would have changed would be to overlap the arms and legs with the body in photoshop a little more as they come away in the final animation. DUIK is a great tool for animating and I will definitely be using it more as it's quick and it makes sense to me as to how to use it. The most important thing with DUIK is the labelling, if you don't label everything really precisely then it all gets too confusing and the layers get muddled up, it's also useful to order them how you will need them. For example, when creating bones order it arm, elbow, wrist, so that when you come to rig it's all really easy to lay out. I've also included my final animation below.

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