Thursday, 10 November 2016

Affter Effects - Puppet Master

For my puppet master animation I went for a simple idea that I could include some fun into.

I decided to go for a arm wave that I could loop and have myself on a dance floor.

The puppet tool is something I have used in the past and I have found that as an animation medium it doesn't work very well if you want to achieve a realistic look. On the other hand, if you need a funny looking wobbly animation then this is definitely the tool to use! What I learnt from this task was how to use the starch puppet tool a little better as I was unsure on how this worked, after this study task I was able to use it effectively so that certain parts of the image didn't move with the other parts. I feel that learning how to use use the basics of puppet tool is important to understanding other animation mediums such as DUIK.

If I were to do this study task again I would have challenged myself a little more and maybe tried a walk cycle even though it would be hard to achieve. Using the puppet tool in the future will probably only be for moving things a small amount, as it doesn't work as well with lots of movement.

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